The proliferation of DVD swapping sites in the recent years can be quite overwhelming. The basic premise is this: trade out your existing DVDs in return for a new DVD you don’t own. The traditional method of doing this is easy. Just place your disc in an envelope, mail it, and get one in return. This method is not necessarily free though, and you may have only a limited amount of films to choose from.

Instead of paying postage, you could be using a brand new site called DVD Puck. DVD Puck is a social network that is geared towards DVD sharing. The difference with this sharing community is that there is no postage necessary, and DVD Puck keeps track of all the trades for you.

This is how it works. When you join with DVD Puck, you must enter a specific location where you are able to share. This network you create can either be visible to other users, or completely invisible and hidden to other users. This location can be your office, apartment building, or even a weekly or monthly event you participate in. Any networks can be created so long as it can be found by a Google map!

If you don’t want to create your own DVD sharing network, pre-existing networks are available where you can meet fellow movie swappers. These locations are mainly local, independent coffeehouses across the United States. DVD Puck calls these locations “Trusted Locations.” If you are a college student living in the dorm, visit our Dorm Share page and join your college’s dorm. This is the best way for college students to save money on their viewing habits!

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