DVD Puck offers a few options for you to share your DVDs. One option is to join one of our Trusted Locations. A Trusted Location will typically be a local, independent coffeehouse in your neighborhood. Users at these locations will have a rating history that determines whether they are a trustworthy person. All you have to do is use our search function, and click on a Trusted Location icon to bring up a signup page for that location.

If you’d like to share closer to home, why not join and build your own sharing network for your apartment building? This will make sharing very easy for your neighbors and even allows you to drop off DVDs in each other’s mailboxes when you aren’t home. Requests can be made from any computer with Internet access, so if you’re on lunch break and want to watch a film later that night, why not make a few requests from your neighbors and see what is in your mailbox when you get home?

If you’re a college student, you’re also in luck! Visit our Dorm Share page and find your college on our map. Click your college icon and you are all set to join!

Please visit our site at http://www.dvdpuck.com or our Facebook and Twitter pages!