Welcome to the DVD Puck blog. DVD Puck www.dvdpuck.com is a free and legal peer to peer social network that allows users to display their film collections to people they have allowed into their network. Networks are built around physical locations, and can be either private or public (searchable by others). DVD Puck‘s goal is to facilitate a safe, reliable, and money saving network for sharing DVDs. Whether through trusted networks or user created private networks, we make DVD sharing easy for all of our users.

How is this website different from other sharing websites? DVD Puck is different than other social networks because our site is built upon physical locations only. When you join www.dvdpuck.com, you must provide a location to share your items. This works perfect for college dorms, apartments buildings, offices, and our Trusted Locations. A Trusted Location is a business location that we have approved as a safe place to share DVDs.

If you are interested to learn more about how DVD Puck works, please visit our website at http://www.dvdpuck.com. Here you will find demo videos as well as a signup link to get you started sharing your DVD collection with friends!