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2010 was a welcome year for people trying to verbally describe the new millennium. Instead of fumbling over how to properly title the pre-“teens” decade, we can now say with confidence and without hiccup, that we have entered the “teens” of our century. If this is a metaphor for our millennial adolescence, we should let it ride off the crest of the economic downturn. Decisions about what we should do with our money have forever changed (at least in our lifetimes). Even with interest rates as low as 4.0%, buyers are still skeptical to purchase homes.

If anything has remained constant since 2000, it has been consistent change in the way we handle our resources. Green technology seeks to enhance our use of readily available energy – sun, wind, tidal, geothermal, etc. The idea behind this energy revolution is to save, save, and yes, save our precious resources while putting to use those that are better suitable for a sustainable livelihood.

But the question begs, who is really interested in saving resources? How do we change the way people view common resources? Why do all suburban homes have lawnmowers in the garage? Are we that afraid to share those items that we need but don’t really have a personal interest vested in them? How do we break this fear of sharing our possessions?

For sharing to work well, what we need is an objective, web-based utility that keeps track of people’s trustworthiness – i.e., a rating system. A non-example of this would be Craigslist is one of the best DIY sharing/swapping/selling sites on the web. However, this site lacks a critical feature that sharing networks and social networks sorely need. This is the rating system. When you sell items on Craigslist, you don’t know who you’re selling to or the quality of that person’s selling history.

Our goal at DVD Puck is to build this sharing community, starting with DVDs and textbooks. We want to start with college students who are interested in saving money. College students today face one of the worst economic times to find jobs. We feel that social networks today seek to make money off of college students because they are the most web social people using the internet today. But are Facebook and Twitter really providing a critical resource for people? Are they saving college students any money? What sites can you list out there that have been able to build social networks based upon sharing? DVD Puck’s mission is to build networks focused solely on sharing of common resources.

About DVD Puck


What Is Dorm Share?

Dorm Share is a brand new college social network to help college students defray the cost of living as well as the cost of pursuing an education. DVD Puck is dedicated towards building both DVD and textbook sharing social networks for college students across the United States. We believe education is one of the best ways to advance your career and be part of a diversified workforce. Often, students are slammed with tuition, living expenses, student loans, among a myriad of other expenses to maintain a decent standard of living.

Let’s take an example of how textbook sharing can save you money. Student A buys a textbook from the bookstore for $100. At the end of the semester, the bookstore is willing to buy the used textbook for $20. Student B needs Student A’s used textbook, but the bookstore is selling the used textbook for $80. If Student A sold Student B the textbook for $50, both save an additional $30!

Dorm Share allows you to share your film collection and textbooks with other students in the dorm. DVD Puck is constantly updating our college dorm networks. Please email us at if you’d like your dorm added to our list.

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The proliferation of DVD swapping sites in the recent years can be quite overwhelming. The basic premise is this: trade out your existing DVDs in return for a new DVD you don’t own. The traditional method of doing this is easy. Just place your disc in an envelope, mail it, and get one in return. This method is not necessarily free though, and you may have only a limited amount of films to choose from.

Instead of paying postage, you could be using a brand new site called DVD Puck. DVD Puck is a social network that is geared towards DVD sharing. The difference with this sharing community is that there is no postage necessary, and DVD Puck keeps track of all the trades for you.

This is how it works. When you join with DVD Puck, you must enter a specific location where you are able to share. This network you create can either be visible to other users, or completely invisible and hidden to other users. This location can be your office, apartment building, or even a weekly or monthly event you participate in. Any networks can be created so long as it can be found by a Google map!

If you don’t want to create your own DVD sharing network, pre-existing networks are available where you can meet fellow movie swappers. These locations are mainly local, independent coffeehouses across the United States. DVD Puck calls these locations “Trusted Locations.” If you are a college student living in the dorm, visit our Dorm Share page and join your college’s dorm. This is the best way for college students to save money on their viewing habits!

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DVD Puck offers a few options for you to share your DVDs. One option is to join one of our Trusted Locations. A Trusted Location will typically be a local, independent coffeehouse in your neighborhood. Users at these locations will have a rating history that determines whether they are a trustworthy person. All you have to do is use our search function, and click on a Trusted Location icon to bring up a signup page for that location.

If you’d like to share closer to home, why not join and build your own sharing network for your apartment building? This will make sharing very easy for your neighbors and even allows you to drop off DVDs in each other’s mailboxes when you aren’t home. Requests can be made from any computer with Internet access, so if you’re on lunch break and want to watch a film later that night, why not make a few requests from your neighbors and see what is in your mailbox when you get home?

If you’re a college student, you’re also in luck! Visit our Dorm Share page and find your college on our map. Click your college icon and you are all set to join!

Please visit our site at or our Facebook and Twitter pages!

DVD Puck strives to build sharing networks anywhere users want to share their items. What sets us apart is that you can build your own sharing network through our site. Many so-called ‘social network sharing sites’ allow anyone who has joined to view your items. With DVD Puck, this is not necessarily the case. Let’s run through a few examples of how DVD Puck works.

With DVD Puck, you are able to join sharing networks at any dorm across the United States. Currently, we are targeting the UIC and St. Olaf residence halls. We will use this experience as a gauge to how we will promote our business to other dorms across the nation. Any college student who wants to create their own DVD sharing network is allowed to do so. Sharing networks can be private or public. If a dorm network is created and the user opts for private, only users who invite other users can join the network. On the other hand, if the user wants the network to be public, anyone can search for that network and request access to that network from the network creator.

If you live in a large apartment complex, you are able to create an apartment sharing network with DVD Puck. Doing so allows you to swap films on a leisurely Sunday afternoon when you want to see a film that you want access to right away.

DVD Puck also allows you to create film sharing networks at your work location. This type of network most likely will be private and accessible only to users at your work location. This is a perfect way to share on a regular basis.

If you’d like to learn more about DVD Puck, please visit us at!

Welcome to the DVD Puck blog. DVD Puck is a free and legal peer to peer social network that allows users to display their film collections to people they have allowed into their network. Networks are built around physical locations, and can be either private or public (searchable by others). DVD Puck‘s goal is to facilitate a safe, reliable, and money saving network for sharing DVDs. Whether through trusted networks or user created private networks, we make DVD sharing easy for all of our users.

How is this website different from other sharing websites? DVD Puck is different than other social networks because our site is built upon physical locations only. When you join, you must provide a location to share your items. This works perfect for college dorms, apartments buildings, offices, and our Trusted Locations. A Trusted Location is a business location that we have approved as a safe place to share DVDs.

If you are interested to learn more about how DVD Puck works, please visit our website at Here you will find demo videos as well as a signup link to get you started sharing your DVD collection with friends!